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Volume (04) Issue (02) (MAR-APR, 2024)

Agri Articles is an international, open access e-magazine. It publishes ideas of authors like researchers, students, scientists, progressive farmers and any other members of scientific community as “Popular or Technical Articles” which are helpful to farmers as well as scientific and agriculture educational community. The magazine publishes every two months (six issues in a year) in all areas of agricultural and allied sciences.

The aim of the magazine is to provide open access platform to authors to publish their knowledge and experiences and to readers to gain knowledge of popular activities in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. The mission is led to extend technologies from a region where they are quite popular to a region where they are not known so that others can benefit from knowing it.

To make this mission a successful one, everyone associated to agricultural and allied sciences field, whether researcher, scientist, extension worker, farmer, student, or any other whether authors and readers of agriculture and allied sciences are highly encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of agriculture.

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